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Course Rules

CORDOVA GOLF COURSE welcomes all players regardless of ability or experience. Our course marshals and staff are on the course to ensure that all players have an equal opportunity to enjoy the course and their game. Please co-operate with them at all times. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to ask them for help. To ensure that all players enjoy their experience at the course, each player is expected to know and comply with our general rules and rules of play, and to know golf course etiquette.

§ No alcoholic beverages may be brought on the premises. No ice chests allowed!
§ No children under six years of age.
§ Each player must have own set of clubs (clubs may be rented in Pro-Shop).
§ Shoes & shirts are required at all times. Only appropriate dress may be worn.
§ Only licensed drivers may operate powered golf carts. No more than 2 persons and 2 golf bags per cart.
§ Keep all pull and power carts off tees and 30 feet away from greens.
§ Replace divots, repair ball marks and rake traps.
§ Players are liable for all broken windows or other property damage. Please notify the Golf Course of any incident.
§ Driving range – hit to center of range. Do NOT hit balls over protective netting. Adjust club selection and aim as needed.
§ Do not abuse rental carts, rental equipment, or course property.

§ Out of bounds defined by boundary fences and white stakes.
§ Relief from staked trees, pumps and protection barriers Nos. 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 14, & 17.
§ All lakes are lateral water hazards.
§ Yardage signs: White Stakes at 100 yards, 150 yards, and 200 yards.
§ U.S.G.A. Rules govern all play.

§ Don`t use inappropriate language.
§ Don`t throw clubs.
§ Don`t hit into other players.
§ If you hit your ball into the wrong fairway, wait until the players on that fairway have played through. (You are in the wrong fairway, they have the “right of way.”)
§ Limit the amount of time you look for a ball. If you are having trouble finding it, then either let the group behind you play through, or drop and hit another ball. (You should not look for a ball more than 5 minutes.)
§ When you have finished playing the hole, leave the putting green immediately and continue to the next hole (write your scores down after you have left the putting green and started to the next hole).
§ Keep up with the foursome in front of you. Beginners should pick up their ball to accommodate this.
§ Let the shorter tee hitters hit first from the tee and forego “honors.” Shorter hitters should also proceed with their second and third shots if a longer hitter has to wait for the green or fairway to clear.
§ While waiting for other players to hit, move to your ball, make your yardage calculation and club selection, so that you are ready to hit as soon as the other players have finished hitting.
§ Line up your putt while others are putting.
§ Observe all rules of ready golf and avoid creating “nightmares.”

A sample nightmare: It’s Saturday morning and you just hit the first tee with a 9:00 AM tee time. Forty-five minutes later, you haven’t made it to the 3rd tee. There’s a foursome in front of you with a couple of “short hitters.” Yet for each tee shot they are playing honors. Everyone congregates around each other’s fairway shots. Each player waits for the others in the foursome to hit before proceeding to his/her ball and then starts pacing off the yardage, testing the wind, selecting a club, and finally taking 15 practice swings. When you finally see them on a green, the only player looking over the green and considering his/her putt is the one getting ready to putt. All the others are standing together on the side of the green whispering to each other until it is their turn to putt. You’re thinking this round of golf is going to take 6 hours. SOUND FAMILIAR?

All of us want to play well, and most of us would like to take a reasonable amount of time for each swing and each putt. Too much time, however, can result in slow play. Please make sure you and the members of your foursome play ready golf.

Cordova Golf Course should be played in under 4 hours. Anything you and your group does to play ready golf will help play move along.

Additional rules may apply on any given day due to circumstances at the time (e.g., in case of inclement weather, power carts may be restricted to cart path only or not available, grass area of range may be closed, and the like). Signs will be posted as appropriate or the staff will inform you.

Players failing to comply with the rules will be asked to correct their behavior, and failing correction, to leave the premises.