Driving Range Description Rates for Range

Rates for Range

Driving range rates:

• Large Bucket – 100 balls – $9.00
• Medium Bucket – 60 balls – $7.00
• Small Bucket – 30 Balls – $4.00


Pre-Paid Range Keys:

In addition to individual rental buckets of range balls purchased at the intended time of use, we offer Pre-Paid Range Keys in an amount of choice. These keys act as a deposit and allow you to redeem bucket(s) of balls at your leisure without having to go into the pro-shop. At the time you want to get a bucket, you just insert your range key into one of our range ball dispensers and select the size bucket you want. The value of your deposit will be reduced by each selection you make. You can add to your deposit at any time by visiting the pro-shop with key in hand and advising staff of your desire.

Range keys are the property of the golf course. In order to cover the cost of lost or forgotten range keys, we charge a one-time $5.00 deposit for each key. Upon the return of a key, the pro-shop will return the $5.00 key deposit.

Range Key Discounts: We also offer discounts on the cost of range ball rental as follows:

• A Range Key deposit of $100.00 results in a 10% discount
• A Range Key deposit of $50.00 results in a 5% discount

Range balls and buckets are the property of the golf course and may not be removed from the premises. Use of the driving range and range balls is subject to course conditions. You can check with the pro-shop by calling (916) 362-1196 prior to arrival. We do not offer refunds for range ball fees or range key deposits.